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Fact About Solution

Engage Corporate Customers

We know how tough it is to stand apart from competition in the Print industry. Keeping this in mind, we’ve created the YMS web-to-print store, to offer stylish and sophisticated customized solutions for clients of various sizes. It’s easy to upload your artwork, add a customized template using text boxes, text fields, images and data.

With HMS’s web-to-print open architecture, the appearance and feel of client’s print store can be edited as per the client’s requirements. Editing is done using the drag and drop features, while advanced functions such as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) gives the store a completely unique and attention grabbing look.

Multiple functions can be performed from a single dashboard, such as editing and modifying outbound customer emails related to order receipts, project confirmation and selection of payment gateways for individual stores.

All-in-One Print MIS

With YMS’s MIS, allowing customers to create, access, edit and order online is done with a few clicks. This can be operated by customers of all ages and is helpful for small, medium and large enterprises.

We’ve catered to the needs of first time entrepreneurs, serial CEO’s and corporate giants in setting up the technology, strategizing and training the staff with the technicalities. While we manage your technical backend, you concentrate on lead generation and growing your business.

Our skilled staff handholds you through the entire process of setup and provides assistance 24/7. We have partnered with industries for Middle East, USA and Europe. Our solutions are cutting-edge, efficient and boost your business.
For more details on how we drastically improve your business’s profitability, contact our print management experts today.

Responsive Themes

With more than a billion smartphone users, your print business has to be accessible to this section of users. Mobile devices have become the most preferred way of discovering businesses, doing business online and responding to client queries on-the-go. Having a responsive theme for your web-based-print business is no more a necessity, rather a must. To survive the technology savvy competition, responsive themes is a vital part of the online ordering system.

The YMS web-to-print library of responsive themes includes thousands of options. With no two themes alike, give your customers a memorable printing experience. With a smooth and user friendly experience, reach your customer on every devices they operate including mobile, tablet, desktop and laptop.

Adaptive Workflows

Our products are specially designed to simplify workflows. The navigation is user friendly, customized as per the individual requirement and enables you to work more efficiently. Multiple operations can be carried out from a single dashboard, this adds to the ease of use.

Creating Web 2 Print

The YMS web-to-print store is set-up with a few clicks. The registration is free, our team creates and gets your store live in a few minutes. User manuals such as videos, guides and live support are easily available.

Over hundreds of businesses have employed our web-to-print solution and are successfully growing each day. Being cloud based, our Amazon serves are secure and regularly back up your data. With no hardware or software to take care off, using our solution requires no added technical expertise.

Set up a store, start doing business and earn profits. Working with YMS is as simple as it could ever be.

Create Variable Data Print

With YMS web-to-print, it’s possible for print businesses to create a variable data print list in the web based Print MIS. The process starts with uploading a CSV file and your online designs to create a variable data list for individual piece produced for the client.

Create your own custom-built variable field list and add it to the design canvas. The fields are auto-filled based on the CSV uploads.

Variable data customizes your user’s products and allows them to target new customers with the exact information needed to generate a response rate 10X higher than the traditional direct emails.

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