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1. Can YMS produce templates for me, and what is the lead-time?

A: Yes, YMS can produce customized templates and charges a small fee for this. Depending on the complexity of designs, we turn them into templates. The process usually takes around 3 business days after the request is generated

2. Is there a minimum hardware or operating requirements?
A: No additional costs are charged for hosting or backup in SAAS. MyPRINTCloud is deployed as SAAS (software as a service) utilizing the amazon network of cloud based computing.

In license you will need to have :

Linux 86 based operating system (64-bit OS recommended for better performance)

PHP 5.3.X and PHP 5.4.X
MySQL 5.2.x or higher
Ability to access database
Ability to change file permission of the files and folder

Following free modules installed on PHP server [Your web hosting provider can install swiftly]

MySQLi Support
GD2 library, with JPG and TTF support
PECL / Pear
Zend Guard
PDFLIB9.X (library file provided by Radix)
For installing them you will have to contact your web hosting provider.

3.What is the minimum bandwidth required for using MyPRINTCloud MIS /web storefronts?
A: To minimize load times and lag, we locate your instance as close to your geographic location. Generally, we recommend customers to have at least a bandwidth connection of 1.5mb, which is easily accessible in most countries throughout the world.

4.What formats can I use to create templates?
A: With our powerful html5 editor, you can import pdf’s as well as vector (illustrator ai, eps, svg) and rasterized artwork (Photoshop psd, png, jpg, etc.)

5.Can I easily add or edit templates?
A: Yes, you can add or edit templates if you have basic knowledge of graphic arts tools like adobe creative suite and an understanding of your client’s requirements (like the use of variable data fields and formatting permissions for elements).

6.Is there a minimum annual spend required?
A: There is no minimum spend for YMS. You can upgrade and downgrade as needed. You can pay on monthly basis or ask for a better price for an annual subscription. YMS is proud of its 99% customer retention. So we expect you to be with us for the long term.

7.Additional costs (production/account management/support etc.)
A: There are no additional fees for support. Subscriptions are automatically updated with new features and fixes. Training is conducted in four, one-hour sessions via an online webinar. Although it is rarely required, you can also purchase additional training.

8.Is there any limit on number of users for web storefronts?
A: You can have unlimited number of users, locations, delivery addresses and contacts within your online web stores.

9. Do you offer different permission-based options?
A: Yes, you can limit the customer’s ability to view, edit, approve, and pay via several permission-based options. You can control these permissions on contact-by-contact basis. For MIS users, you can segregate sales from production, accounting and management via a similar process. Control who can view & edit and who can view only.

10. Can I use my own domain names?
A: Yes, you can use individual domain names for different stores. You can ask your customers to use their own names like marketing.yourcustomer.com or www.mywebshop.com and link that with your instance of YMS. In case the customer requests, you can hide your details from order confirmations.

11.Can I have customized approval/workflow process?
A: Currently, we have up to a 3-step order approval sign off, but in certain cases you may require dual sign off on multiple levels. This can be complex so we recommend you to speak with your account manager to discuss the best process.

12. Can I proof online?
A: PDF’s are generated during the proofing stage and a watermarked jpg with medium resolution is displayed to the customer. The watermarked jpg can be downloaded or emailed. Watermarks can be controlled on store-by-store basis.

13.Does it handle spot colors?
A: Yes, you can create your own spot color library or select to embed the CMYK properties. Combine CMYK plus spot into the same template.

14. Can I easily change the portal navigation structure (e.g. promo items/merchandise/stationery/adverts/outdoor etc.)?
A: Yes, we work closely with our customers to best define the ordering process of inventory/non-print items and printed items like signs and display through to POS and stationary.

15. Are there costs for making changes to structure of portal/adding additional templates, etc.?
A: YMS gives you access to modify and manage advance elements of website design and flow through CSS, modular page builder, WYSIWYG html editor, system email editor and creation of categories and products, leaving you in complete control of the look, feel and process of creating a suitable web store for your clients.

16.How many users can I have for my management information system (MIS)?
A: YMS is very proud to be one of the few MIS solutions that support an unlimited number of internal users of the MIS solution. We want to see you grow.

17. Can I be invoiced instead of paying subscription online?
A: Yes, you can also be invoiced on request. Generally, we request subscriptions to be paid online with a company credit card, debit card or PayPal account. Alternative options are also available. You can just ask from our assigned account manager.

18.How easy can I reconcile purchase orders and invoice records?
A: YMS comes with a number of automated reports to monitor usage, volume and transactions. Custom reports can also be generated using our report building component. We also integrate our system with a number of accounting packages like Xero, sage and QuickBooks.

19.What is the length of my contract?
A: The minimum length of the contract is one month. The contract is renewed every month with automatic payment. You can subscribe yearly to save up to 20%. You may also upgrade or downgrade your package plan any time.

20. How long does it take to implement YMS?
A: Get started fast with our customer training videos and guide. Customers generally have private stores up and running in 1-2weeks time depending on the complexity and number of templates. We assign a project coordinator to ensure uninterrupted progress when the jobs begin coming in.

21. Is YMS receives updates?
A: Yes, we constantly update YMS usually on monthly or quarterly basis. At YMS, we listen to our customers. With over 20 developers building new features, we are constantly at the forefront of upcoming technology and processes.

22. Can certain information be pre-populated on templates based on user log in?
A: Yes, there are many ways to auto-populate customer templates, using variable data or customer profiles from the inbuilt CRM tool. Less editing from customers ensures better accuracy on output. Our text and image boxes include the ability to inline style offering multiple fonts, sizes and colors to be used through variable data in the same text box.

23. Do you have a sign off process/authorization to proceed?
A: Yes, user permissions can be controlled in many different ways using 3 levels of approval and multiple territory approvals. There are as many as 10 different approval configurations. Selected users can even be placed on cod while others under the same company are on account.

24.Do you have typographic controls and in template permissions (style sets/no styling/pre-existing copy options)?
A: Yes, you can lock down font styling, position, editing plus many more on every element of a template. Moreover, you can also select auto shrinking of text and placement of images.

25. How do you handle use of branded fonts?
A: Utilizing print and web fonts, you can use many font types like true type and open type. Licensed fonts can also be used if you own a copy of the license.

26. Can I easily update and Modify Pricing?
A: You can have up to 14 stock types with many different quantities for each stock. You can update pricing through our easy input screen or through a CSV file.

27. Can one template be used for all poster sizes i.e. A1 to A4?
A: Yes, of course. Even though there are some design considerations that need to be taken into account but you can decide the size of output template. This is also considered during the web store training.

28. Do you supply an image bank for end users and can we add our own?
A: Yes, there is a permission based digital asset management solution (DAM) mainly for using assets that are incorporated into templates and images for later use. Use naming conventions to search and store easily.

29. What backup and protection of our data do you provide?
A: Amazon web services (AWS) storage solutions are designed to deliver secured, scalable, and durable storage & backups. Information like customer lists and inventory levels can also be exported at any time

30. What is the usual support response time?
A: 24hrs is the usual resolution time for bug fixes. However, for major issues (system inaccessible), you can expect a 1-3hr response to be back online. We strive for 99.99% uptime and pride ourselves in fast issue resolution.

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