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Management Information System

YMS’s Management Information System for Key Stakeholders to Make More Accurate Decisions


Yatharth Marketing Solution’s world-class MIS is used by various industry niches to make more informed decisions. We provide real-time data needed to make accurate decisions. Our system provides background information, current data and analysis trends for managers to stay updated on every aspect of their business.
The major advantage of using our management information system is that it helps businesses improve their performance. Managers use the data from MIS to make precise decisions since they are equipped with detailed information backed by stats.

Advantages of Adopting YMS Management Information System:

Accurate Data :

It is vital for managers to stay informed about their area of expertise at all times. If the president wants updates about the sales of the past 3 years or the future projections, the sales manager can use MIS to provide this information. Using the management information system the manager can predict sales for the next year based on the current trends, buying preferences and past history. With our advanced system managers can make real time predictions and have the required information for a business bid. Every decision is based on data, not on assumptions.

Accurate Decisions :

Yatharth Marketing Solutions’ MIS provides timely, relevant, accurate and comprehensive information to aid managers in making better decisions. The cross-checking feature eliminates chances of errors. Our system offers a complete picture of any situation and highlights missing information. Companies widely use MIS to ensure that managers from all departments work on the same data and make decisions based on similar information.

Tracking trends :

A manager has to predict forecasts for strategic planning and budgeting. MIS stores past data such as sales, customer details and production statistics. Additional information such as revenues, overheads and investment are displayed as separate elements. The manager can easily predict sales from the past performance patterns. Our analysis tool evaluates current relationships and predicts future trends.

Top Characteristics of our MIS:

The important characteristics of Yatharth Management Information System include:

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    Relevance :

    Our MIS gather’s data from the area of interest and organizes it into meaningful information essential for decision making. Suppose the manager has to make decisions related to pricing, the MIS fetches sales data from the last 3 years and presents sales volume and profit predictions for different pricing situations.

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    Accuracy :

    YMS’s management information system gather’s reliable and accurate information. Our effectiveness translates in form of accurate outputs.

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    Completeness :

    The most effective MIS displays relevant, timely and useful information needed to make a decision. If the information is missing, it highlights the cracks and suggests either the possible scenarios or possible outcomes that would be the subsequent result of the missing information. This helps the management either fill that gap or make decisions being aware of the missing data.

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    Usefulness :

    The essential task of the MIS is to make useful data easily available. This information further helps in making more confident decisions. Suppose a manager has to decide on the employees to be laid off, our system provides information on the performance of each employee.

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