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Inventory Management Solution

Managing inventory, sales, stock, accounting and shipment from a single dashboard.


YMS’s inventory management solution is specially designed for wholesalers and retailers. We make managing your inventory effortless so that you can concentrate on generating sales.

Inventory management is among the hardest tasks for a business owner. By overestimating the demand, you end up storing excessive stock, often unproductive. Underestimating the need leads to unexpected re-ordering that might convert into delays. Both ways, it’s a problem for business owners that negatively impacts customer relations and profitability.

“Optimizing inventory” is among the main factors essential to achieve operational success. YMS’s feature rich inventory management software has a neat interface, multi-language support and comes with flexible payment options to lead to enhanced profitability.

Features of our Inventory Management Solution

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    Inventory Management:

    • Inventory Control: Tracking and controlling the inventory and stock movements.
    • Inventory Optimization: Predicts inventory demands so that you never run out of stock.
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    Integrated Operations:

    • Easy integration with other SaaS applications.
    • CRM management: Store and manage all information about your customers from a single folder.
    • Seamless accounting: Efficient control over your finances since the accounting is automated.
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    Cloud Based Solutions:

    • Team collaboration from multiple locations.
    • Access across files and folders can be customized.
    • Data is stored on trusted servers along with backup service.
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    Inventory Growth:

    • Warehouse management: Managing the stocks and inventory across multiple warehouses.
    • Multichannel: Increases profits by handling orders from multiple channels.
    • Real time sales reports: Predicts and generates real time sales reports to get a clear idea about the sales and related parameters.
    • Scalable: You can opt for more features as the business grows.
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    Massive Boost in Sales:

    • Order management: Tracking orders, sales and fulfilling them is effortless and errorless.
    • Customized delivery experience: Based on the customer requirement, YMS inventory management solution enables delivering a customized experience.
    • Order fulfilment: Fulfil orders at a faster speed, in a greater volume and at reduced costs to satisfy your customers.

Simplify Your Inventory Operations with YMS’s Inventory Management Solution

Our inventory management solution simplifies your inventory needs and reduces the operational burden by automating the entire process. With our wide range of features, it’s super easy to manage your sales, inventory handling, order fulfilment and concentrate on generating more revenues.

Benefits offered by YMS Inventory Management Solution

Our solution offers a huge list of benefits that’ll help deliver a memorable customer experience and your employees seamlessly manage the sales. They include:

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    Increases Efficiency

    Yatharth Management System’s inventory management solution performs critical tasks such as organizing and managing inventory, predicting sales, generating reports and managing shipment. Your employees can concentrate on more important tasks while our solution automates the inventory.

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    Information about the inventory is handy

    We track your stock orders and the location of stock in case where business have multiple warehouses.

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    Easier closing of sales

    Since human data entry errors are eliminated, it’s easier to close sales. All information is available at fingertips, eliminating the time that would otherwise be lost in tracking the purchase details.

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    Never miss delivery dates

    With YMS’s accurate inventory prediction and management, track your stock precisely while it’s in the warehouse and being shipped to the customer.

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