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Yatharth Marketing Solution’s Partnership Program

Re-sell Industry Leading Print Business Solutions. Partner with YMS.

Partner with Yatharth Marketing Solutions to deliver the latest, best-in-class and optimized print solutions to your esteemed customers. Our partners have access to complete inside technologies, products and services. With a flexible solutions framework supported by customer buying habits, partnership and reseller models – YMS helps its customers build a profitable and distinct practice.

We understand that small, medium scale and large business needs to reach out to customers to improve their competencies and performance by offering the best tools and products. Our reseller program offers an all-inclusive package to handhold you in the entire process of purchase and installation.

How Does Our Partnership Program Work?

  • You buy our licensed solution at discounted rate.
  • Customers purchase our products from you at the market rate.
  • We install the solution on your customer’s server.
  • You provide on-going customer support.
  • We provide technical assistance and access to our customer support portal.

Benefits of YMS’s Partnership Program

YMS’s well-trained and technologically equipped partner ecosystem is crafted to deliver the best level of service to our mutual customer base. To help our partners succeed, we’ve built our reseller solution to be focused on your needs – to learn, nurture and profit mutually.

  • The objective our partnership program is to develop a profitable and mutually beneficial alliance with our partners. The end users should be presented with a range of customized services with 24//7 support and maintenance.
  • We strive to create a trustworthy relationship with our partners and their customers. Personalized experience and customer centric approach help us build a friendly and reliable equation.
  • To constantly improve ourselves we gather customer and reseller feedback consistently. These inputs to iterate have enabled us to scale great heights.
  • Yatharth Marketing Solutions provides 24/7 support to resellers, partners and their customers. We’re available all days a week to solve your technical issues and help you run your business smoothly.
  • We provide cutting-edge backend customer support. By functioning from the backend, you manage the customer communications. You get all the credit to offering the most efficient web-to-print and designing tools. In short, YMS is your growth partner in building a scalable business.

We work in close association with industry’s leading resellers, partners, service providers and aggregators to create successful revenue businesses.

Training Competencies

Based on extensive research into customer buying persona’s, decision making and evolution of marketing technologies our partner models are ever-evolving. Yatharth Marketing Solutions has a range of reseller and partner relations to suit your business needs. We’ve supported marketing solutions for numerous organizations and helped them grow, scale and generate more revenues.

Getting Started

  • Fill our reseller form and submit your business plan, goals and objections.
  • After getting qualified, enter our reseller program for a year. You need no minimum revenue limits for our partnership program.
  • We give you a demo set-up in your local language after paying the reseller fees.
  • Start selling and growing your business.

Contact Mr. Mihir Shah, Vice President Business Development